Photography by Damien Lloyd  @Seasaltstudios

 Antuanelle is a Sydney based abstract artist from Siberia, finalist Hunters Hill Art Prize (award), Art of Sydney Art Prize and RAS 2016 (award). Living in Eastern Suburbs, Antuanelle tries to capture the beauty of the ocean in her fluid artworks.

 Using Fire, Seashells and Liquid Glass to produce a completely unique effect she creates oceanic fluid works that give the feeling of a seascape in abstract form. Antuanelle’s oceanic artworks recently been on display in Chinese Cultural Centre , Mosman Art Gallery, Hunters Hill Art Gallery, Australian Maritime Museum and Westfield. Currently her artworks are presented in the famous Channel9's The Block Shop and United Interiors. 



 Antuanelle's abstract artworks for Meditation are soothing and energising at the same time, with a dramatic deep color palette that calms and purifies your mind. Her paintings reflect the beauty of the NOW and the energy of the ocean. Working predominately with ink and mixed media on wood and canvas, her spiritual portraits convey the flow of emotions inspired by her travels around the world and the beauty of endless beaches and waves. Portion of sales from each artwork is going to the Sydney Children Hospital Foundation charities that implement programs that assist children around the world. 


 Imagine soft and tranquil waves touching white sand, your body and soul. A time in your life when you felt so alive and that everything is possible. A moment you never wanted to let go. A dream that will last forever….

 These are the wishes of a girl who grew up in Siberia. The dream was to empower people to FOLLOW YOUR DREAM no matter what. A DREAM that reminds you of who you really are, what you want and where you want to be. 

 You have probably realised that life is precious, it moves fast and you can never get it back. Stop for a moment, pause, take a deep breath…. 

 Now dive in and open your eyes awake.

 Its time to make a difference, take a leap towards your hear’s desire and change our FUTURE for better.

 These precious moments of your life will come to your mind every time you see my paintings or slip into AntuanELLE ART leggings or beach dress. 

 You only get one LIFE so follow your DREAM. Make it worthy and live in the moments. 


 Life is beautiful and so are you.



 Did you know, the human eye can see up to 10 million colors? Therefore, the key element of my painting process is for sure color choice. Collecting color combinations that resonate with me and intrigues sometimes takes several days. 

 I think something like "paint pouring' would be more appropriate for the way I work with color. I find peace and joy in pouring resin and I have developed a way to interlace colors together through very meticulous layering. Often, that means each piece may take up to a month or so depending on the size. 

 Language of color - someone says I am obsessed with it. This is one of the reasons why I find painting abstract resin artworks so ...exhilarating and magical. I'm constantly finding my inspiration in meditation, in the ocean, in sun reflections on the surface of the sea, in the movement of tree leaves in the wind; sometimes I see colors that I can't describe, colors that people haven't seen before.


 There was hardly a moment in Antuanelle’s life when she was not involved into Creative Arts, and not always painting. In school, her artistic talent pushed her to attend an Art Academy and perform in Dance theatre at the same time. Then one day in school while walking after her classes, Marie met her dad’s friend. He told her that her father is dead and her mother and her little 1-year-old brother and sister need her support. The news was horrible for 7-year-old Marie. 3 months after that political crisis emerged under the famous name –Perestroika. There were tough years of empty stores and shops and people standing in long lines on the street to get a ticket for bread and all that during Siberian winters (-30C). Little did she know, that overcoming that pain would fuel her future works. 

 Her fear of coming back to the poverty she experienced during her childhood made her thrive to success in business. After 7 years of continuous career progression she realized that she still was not following her dream and she needed her adventure. So she embarked on a whirlwind journey to Sydney and decided to direct her energies towards her true calling. 

 Because of her own family experience she is willing to make a difference and help children around the world. So they will have a chance for a happy childhood. Her story can inspire you to push yourself and achieve your goals. In her mind the sky is truly the limit and through her journey she wants to show just how far you can take your life when you believe in yourself.  

 “During my childhood every year I was looking forward to summer school holidays at my Granny's, she lived in a small village at the sea. 3 months of freedom and adventures.  I grew up with a desire to live by the ocean, sometimes I was waking up feeling dizzy like i have been laying on the surface of the water and finally my dream came true  - I moved to Sydney. Gaining my inspiration from oceans and beaches around the world i try to capture its fading beauty....


 - Marie Antuanelle