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Pacifica | Original Abstract Painting

$700.00 On Sale

Teal Aqua Turquoise round wave artwork with whirlpool of surfing waves. Vibrant and Colourful with white, blue and teal colors it was inspired by Mermaid beach in Gold Coast. Truly original and cute little artwork will be a perfect gift for your loved ones.

50cm diameter.Round Canvas.

Custom made one of a kind Turquiose abstract art piece by renowned artist Marie Antuanelle.
The beauty of this artwork lies in its originality, never to be copied or re-replicated, truly a unique
It has a Glass like surface with many layers visible inside translucent medium.
All images and paintings are Copyright © MarieAntuanelle 2012
All rights reserved
Artwork may not be reproduced in any fashion without the written consent of the artist